Unboxing: Crazyflie

If you measure coolness in geek gear, I am almost definitely cooler than you. That is because my Crazyflie arrived today! I now own all of the equipment that I need to start experimenting with my new flying robot. As soon as I put it together, you will witness the power of this fully armed and operational flying sensor station!

Over-the-top drama aside… Never mind, I’m just going to revel in having finally gotten it for the moment. I mean, look at the thing. It’s so tiny! The box was so small that I cried out, in my ecstasy, “Have you no shame?” And that was right in the middle of the post office. There is a time for having a handle on yourself, but now is not the time.

For those who are interested in what a Crazyflie looks like unassembled, or how small it really is, I’ve included a video of the unboxing:

So what am I going to do with this microdrone? A list, most likely chronologically ordered:

  1. Put it together, fly around with it a little bit and have some fun.
  2. Start porting the low-level controls to Apis, because that’s the framework I’ll be working in in the long run
  3. Start playing around with the minicamera I’ve ordered, as soon as it’s arrived. I’ve already hacked out some computer vision stuff using my laptop’s webcam (posts to come, haven’t gotten to it yet), but working with the external camera will no doubt be a little bit different.
  4. Make a pilgrimage to Sweden and become a disciple of Bitcraze, the fun-loving devils that designed the drone and made it so easy to build.

Now where’s my soldering iron?


My name’s Daniel Lee. I’m an enthusiast for open source and sharing. I grew up in the United States and did my doctorate in Germany. I've founded a company for planning solar power. I've worked on analog space suit interfaces, drones and a bunch of other things in my free time. I'm also involved in standards work for meteorological data. I worked for a while German Weather Service on improving forecasts for weather and renewable power production. I later led the team for data ingest there before I started my current job, engineering software and data formats at EUMETSAT.

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